Rusty’s Morning Forecast - Clouds and drizzle keep us much cooler while the warmth stays south

Published: Oct. 22, 2020 at 5:32 AM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - On a day that showed so much promise in the forecast earlier this week, we’ll end up much cooler in the metro. The surge of warm air moving north will likely stay south of I-80 today. Highs could get close to 80 near Falls City.

Temps at 2pm Thursday
Temps at 2pm Thursday(WOWT)

The metro area will likely stay much cooler with a high near 50 as we’re stuck under the clouds and periods of drizzle. Luckily wind won’t be too much of an issue until very late in the afternoon into the evening. That is when gusts from the north could hit 35 mph and persist into the overnight.

Thursday Forecast
Thursday Forecast(WOWT)
Thursday Wind Gusts
Thursday Wind Gusts(WOWT)

There may be a few lingering showers heading into early Friday morning that change to some melting snow as it dries up and moves out. Then the rest of Friday will be a struggle to warm. We’ll try to warm a little more Saturday but 40s are likely to be the story all weekend. Sunday is still a First Alert Day due to the rain changing to snow potential that is still in the forecast. Those snow showers have the potential to last into early Monday morning too and possibly impact the morning commute. Record cold air on Monday is possible as well.

3 Day Forecast
3 Day Forecast(WOWT)
Alert Day Headlines
Alert Day Headlines(WOWT)

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