Huskers quarterback Adrian Martinez sets spring goal: ‘No more frickin turnovers’

Published: Apr. 5, 2021 at 7:59 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - It’s been 109 days since the Huskers last turned the ball over, also the last time the team played — but the pain feels fresh.

Mario Verduzco had a simple answer when asked about what he wanted to see out of Adrian Martinez this spring, “No more frickin turnovers.”

It was an issue that led the staff to put the captain on the bench last season. Now with the benefit of a full offseason, one that Adrian enters fully healthy, the goal is to learn from last year and not let it happen again. Martinez comes into 2021 without any nagging injuries, which was not the case last year. He’s also leaner and his arm is stronger. The lean part is designed to help his quickness and the stronger arm is designed to create a downfield passing game. One the offense sorely missed in 2020.

The receivers also share the responsibility of forcing defenses to cover the whole field. “Watching a ton of film on certain guys in the NFL who are really good at creating space late in the route, that’s what we’ve been emphasizing and we’ve been hitting on a lot more of those this spring, we’ve been hitting on a lot of deep balls which is different than last year, we really didn’t attempt many,” said receiver Levi Falck.

Also offensively Running Backs Coach Ryan Held says he does not have a depth chart or a bell-cow running back. What he does have is a full room of running backs because they are all with the team and that’s a great start. He did say Markese Stepp from Southern Cal is a downhill runner and in a separate response Held said they would like to run more downhill more this season. Right now though it is a wide-open battle for playing time at running back.

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