Nebraska woman unable to license car, alleges paperwork nightmare with dealer

Published: May. 2, 2021 at 7:07 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Neb. (WOWT) - For more than a year a Nebraska woman has been trying to do the right thing and license her car but she’s caught in a paperwork nightmare after a dealer allegedly took her for a ride.

No license plates but no choice for Kathy Passauer, a single mom who needs to go to work.

“I’m just worried about I’m driving a car that is not legal to be driving. But this is my only source of transportation,” she said.

Kathy has a title but learns it’s been blocked by a duplicate title, listing the dealership and preventing her from licensing the car.

“We’ve seen it quite a few times and I mean it’s horrible it really is because they have no leg to stand on. I mean they only have paperwork,” said Olivia Ruffcorn, Cass County Treasurer’s Office.

The Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board ruled US Capital Auto and Mastafa Albusharif defrauded Kathy. The board states the dealer gave false information on the odometer reading, didn’t reveal a flood title, and altered the sales agreement to $3,000 more.

“The price of the vehicle has been whited out,” said Kathy.

She says the dealer’s bond insurance paid off the loan so she kept the car but the dealer board ordered Mastafa to reimburse Kathy about $4,000 and pay a $4,000 fine.

Instead, the dealer appealed in court putting everything on hold.

“I just want to be able to tax and license my car,” said Kathy.

Remarkably in all these months driving without license plates and an expired in-transit, she’s not seen those flashing lights come on the rearview mirror but she knows that day is coming.

“I got to show them my paperwork that is all I can do,” said Kathy.

Paperwork telling a story that should prevent a ticket.

”We’re always trying to be understanding and help the public out. We’ve encountered these types of situations in the past. Ultimately, we just want the person to get their vehicle registered properly,” said Lt. Dennis Svoboda, Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office.

Kathy says she can’t afford a bonded title so she hopes a judge’s ruling on the dealer’s actions will lead to license plates and fewer anxious moments when a cruiser passes by.

“A little bit freaked out like my gosh, I didn’t get stopped this time,” she said.

The used car dealer let his license expire and our messages to him were not returned. His attorney said his client claims he did nothing wrong.

The director of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles confirms an active criminal investigation in this case.

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