Winter and your tires: Why replacing them may be an issue

Something we put off in good weather may become a priority now that the weather has changed.
Tires with deep tread are vital to safe driving, especially in the winter months.
Published: Dec. 15, 2022 at 3:45 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A little snow on the ground reminded some of us that it’s been a while since we replaced our tires.

For the most part, roads in our area have been dry over the spring and summer - and some drivers have been rolling on tires that are basically bald. That became an issue when the snow came.

“This is hardly any snow,” said Michael Kline of Lyle’s Tires and Wheels. “People are going crazy slipping and sliding, crashing, that’s because they were doing that during the summer and the spring when there was no rain. It’s the same principle -- low tread depth doesn’t make any difference in the wintertime or the summer and spring when there’s rain -- still gives you the same result.”

Replacing tires right now can be an issue with inflation and the Christmas season getting most of our wallet’s attention. New tires just might be the last thing on your list.

“Tire pricing for the last two years -- every three months a new manufacturer says we’re going to have a 7-10% price increase across the board,” Kline said. “When one manufacturer does it, they all follow.”

Kline says it’s pretty easy to tell if you need new tires.

“When they slow down at a stop sign or a stop light and all of a sudden keep going, when they have their foot on the brake pedal and they’re sliding, that’s a good indication,” Kline said.

Kline says you can save money by shopping around and settle for tires with a lower mileage rating -- or even consider buying them used.