Lincoln Police working with state and feds after 5 homemade explosives found; man facing additional charges

Homemade explosive devices found in two different northwest Lincoln locations
Homemade explosive devices found in two different northwest Lincoln locations(Lincoln Police Department)
Published: Jan. 27, 2023 at 11:39 AM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The Lincoln Police Department shared that they’re working with state and federal investigators after homemade explosive devices were found in two places in northwest Lincoln.

A total of five homemade explosive devices were found on Wednesday in two different locations following a traffic stop in northwest Lincoln.

LPD said three devices were found in a car and two were found in the nearby apartment that was searched.

Assistant Chief Brian Jackson said investigators also found explosive devices in various states of construction and development.

According to LPD, officers have arrested 24-year-old Spenser Speidell. Speidell is facing two counts of unlawful possession of explosive materials, 1st degree.

On Friday, Lancaster County Attorney Pat Condon said that his office would be charging Speidell with possession of a destructive device which is a class 4 felony.

Spenser Speidell
Spenser Speidell(Lincoln Police Department)

Condon said the recent charge comes with a sentence of up to two years imprisonment and/or a $10,000 fine. Condon said his office will be requesting a bond for Speidell, as well.

When it comes to Speidell’s intent with the homemade explosives, Assistant Chief Jackson said that’s part of their ongoing investigation, “That is also why we have our state and federal partners involved just to make sure. I will tell you we have no indication of any domestic extremism but again, illegal act and certainly of concern based on the nature of the violations.”

As of right now, investigators do not know the potency of the homemade bombs. The items were safely removed and no one was hurt at either location.

“Our primary focus when we encounter these devices is to make it safe for the community, for the officers. Once that’s done all of that testing gets done on the back end. It’ll get done at laboratories at a later date,” said Captain Ben Miller.

Investigators said they’re working with the ATF and FBI, along with Lincoln Fire and Rescue, on figuring out a best plan of action and testing the homemade explosives.

Assistant Chief Jackson said investigators have expanded their search to other locations, talked to numerous people but he says it’s nothing that’s caused any concern at this point.

LPD arrested 23-year-old Dominick Fossberg, who is facing drug charges. According to LPD, Fossberg was driving Speidell’s car during the initial traffic stop which then led investigators to search Speidell’s apartment.

LFR and LPD outside of a house near NW 8th & W Cornhusker, where at least two explosive devices...
LFR and LPD outside of a house near NW 8th & W Cornhusker, where at least two explosive devices were found inside, forcing authorities to evacuate the residents inside.(Ryan Swanigan (KOLN))