Crime Stoppers tip leads to arrest of Papillion flasher

6 News obtained better video of the suspect at a store nearby just before he allegedly exposed himself in front of a 14-year-old.
A flasher was arrested, and a 14-year-old's fears relieved -- thanks to a Six On Your Side viewer.
Published: Jan. 27, 2023 at 10:23 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - His back was to the restaurant camera, but a serial exposer confronted a woman who is ready to testify in graphic detail so more victims aren’t traumatized.

“He exposed himself and was completely masturbating everything out and jabbing it in an aggressive way toward me.”

6 News obtained better video of the suspect at a store nearby just before he allegedly exposed himself in front of a 14-year-old.

“I fear it’s going to escalate,” the victim said.

He left the area before Papillion officers arrived, but showed up in Omaha Thursday night.

The customer at an Omaha store on Maple Street told 911 the suspect hadn’t exposed himself there, but he was “hanging around the baby section where these ladies were. I believe it was him because he was looking at my wife strange.”

Omaha Police quickly arrived.

“Then I showed them the video from the show,” the caller said. “They didn’t know from the news. I said he’s got the same exact thing on in there, and they were going to detain him to ask him questions, but he started running so they had to cuff him.”

OPD transferred the suspect to Papillion Police.

“It’s thanks to the citizens who are paying attention and are willing to come forward with information when they have it that we’re able to find a resolution to these types of incidents and cases,” said Papillion Police deputy chief Orin Orchard.

40-year-old Berrino McClary is charged with public indecency and child abuse for exposing himself to the 14-year-old.

He has a record of this in South Carolina and Georgia -- the victim was afraid he’d keep going.

“I didn’t know it had spanned multiple states.”

Records show a third public indecency conviction in one state, and more than one in another.

The tipster, who doesn’t want to be named, spotted the public indecency suspect and called 911 after remembering our Six On Your Side report at just the right time.

“I’m telling you, it made my day that he’s been caught. Thank you so much,” the victim told the tipster.

And a victim is prepared to face the indecent exposer again, but next time fully clothed in court.

Police say Berrino McLary is a traveling construction worker and has been in Sarpy County for about three months. Charged with misdemeanors, he only needed $1,000 to go free on bond today. After 6 News alerted the Sarpy County prosecutor to the out-of-state charges, a bond review hearing is set for next week.