Redesigned Park Omaha system with new rates and no more time limits

The new pay structure will take effect Tuesday, May 30, according to the city’s parking manager
Park Omaha's new rates and tiered structure goes into effect Tuesday.
Published: May. 29, 2023 at 9:15 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - If you’ve been downtown or midtown recently, you might’ve noticed purple, orange, or green posts for parking. And if you’ve tried to use them, they’re not ready yet.

They will be Tuesday; the city’s parking and mobility manager, Ken Smith, tells 6 News that’s when the new system and new prices are set to go into effect for the downtown and midtown areas.

Gisela Robles, born and raised in Omaha, said the current system with time limits can be inconvenient for her.

“Usually I run out to my car and end up putting quarters or go to another meter that has longer hours, like for instance 3 hours or 10 hours,” she said.

Removing those time limits is the best part of the new “progressive rate structure,” said Smith.

“So you have a time restriction, whether it’s 2, 3, 4 hours. That’s going away now,” he said.

That sounds better to Robles.

“If there’s no time limit, honestly that’s pretty convenient because there’s so many stores and people get lost track of time, so it’s just better instead of running back and being like the ‘Oh my god, the meter is over. So what do I do next?’” she said.

So, out with time limits and in with new pricing.

The green zones are considered “economy” and cost 50 cents an hour or $6 a day maximum.

The other two types of street parking, the purple ”2+” zones, and orange ”3+” zones, cost $1 for the first two to three hours and increase hourly after that.

In the purple zone, you’ll pay up to $29 a day; in the orange zone, up to $15.50 a day.

ParkOmaha's new rate structure.
ParkOmaha's new rate structure.(City of Omaha)

When the system activates people will be prompted to pay with a card or coins, enter their license plate, pick how many hours they need, and pay.

If someone needs more time, there are multiple ways to add it, including through apps, text messages, or coins.

Not all areas have a progressive rate structure. A map provided by the city shows the corresponding zone types to areas of the city.

ParkOmaha's new system of progressive rate zones.
ParkOmaha's new system of progressive rate zones.(City of Omaha)

Purple marks high-turnover areas, like Gene Leahy Mall, Old Market, and Blackstone District.

Orange notes medium-turnover areas like Midtown Crossing.

Green denotes low-turnover areas like north downtown and south of Jackson Street.

Choosing Park Omaha garages will be the most affordable option for extended stays, according to Smith.

Where you could pay a max price of $29 dollars a day for street parking, downtown garages are $10 a day max.

The physical posts will stay up for the city to be able to reserve spots for construction or other situations, like if someone is moving into a building that doesn’t have its own loading zone.