Volunteers helping Omahans prepare for next election cycle

An Omaha man is helping with voter registration ahead of the prime of the 2024 election season.
Published: Sep. 17, 2023 at 5:14 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Although it’s not election season yet, it’s not uncommon to see volunteers like Anthony J. Zarzycki hoping to prepare the community for its inevitable return.

“Just those small conversations you have, not only does that help those people and empower those people to take action on things that matter to them, but it also helps build a better community,” he said.

Sunday, Zarzycki was camped out in the Old Market ahead of National Voter Registration Day, which is Tuesday.

“As an early event, I wanted to stay out here in the Old Market to not only offer voter registration to people, but also to offer the ballot petitions that are available right now, and talk to them about the new voter ID law that will be in effect next year to make sure they have a voter ID that will be compliant so they can cast a ballot.”

On his table are three clipboards: voter registration forms, a petition for medical marijuana, and a petition for paid sick leave.

Nebraska’s voter ID law was passed during the last legislative session.

Zarzycki says for a long time he has recognized the importance of making your voice heard, and he hopes others do, too.

“I’ve always just felt like it’s a civic duty that we all have, my grandfather left Germany, he was a victim of WWII and aggression in Europe and so knowing that I come from a lineage of people whose enfranchisement was taken away, I think that it’s on all of us to make sure that we vote that we care about the issues that matter to us and then take action on those things.”

He’s hopeful that by getting out early, he can help community members have a smooth and successful voting experience when the time comes.

“In Omaha, there’s a lot of young people who come over to [our] campuses and move around a lot, who might not know that they need to update their voter registration address,” Zarzycki says. “[They] might not know that they will need a Nebraska state ID if they want to go vote in person and make it easier, so giving them all that information now will hopefully fix all those issues coming next year.”

You can submit your voter registration or update your information online by visiting here, the Secretary of State’s voter registration portal.